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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bean Art Mosaics - Rainy Day Fun

A fun activity for any age child, even adults. I came across this idea when I was looking for party games for my daughter's 4th birthday party last month. Of course, it's not a new idea, as I can remember enjoying this craft when I was a young child too.

For a nice variety, you can try pinto beans, black-eyed beans, black beans, green split peas, amongst others. For designs, I simply searched online for stencil templates and came across a huge amount of choices. Be sure to use thick cardboard to avoid curling from the glue.

My 4 year old daughter made all 3 of these designs, using her imagination and creativity to place the beans where she thought would be best. I just helped with applying the glue for her. I think she did a great job!


  1. I love these mosaics! I will try them in my own classroom.
    I was really touched by your blog description. I also have a grandmother I never knew, but feel I have a strong connection to.
    Lovely blog, keep up the good work!

  2. Thank you so much for the comment. We are still working on more mosaics, as both my daughter and I have had fun with them.

    I love hearing stories about my grandmother. She will always be dear to me, even though I never knew her.