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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Draft Dodgers - Useful For Many Purposes

A unique and stylish way to block the chilly wind from poor insulation or cracks around windows and doors. Most people think of using an item like this only in the winter time, but even with spring and summer fast approaching, it can be used to block chilly areas caused by air conditioning. Other purposes include blocking light and sound at the bottom of a door, which works well for sleeping children and babies. An apartment dwelling friend of mine even mentioned that it would be perfect to block cooking odors from lower-level neighbors.

The draft dodgers have recently been improved and are made with two layers of fabric and then finished with a velcro closure. The user can then fill it with any desired material such as dried rice or beans, polyester fiberfill, or my personal favorite...clean, old socks (such as your collection of holey soles, or the abandoned twin), or even old unwearable tee shirts.

Each draft dodger is stenciled with one of my designs, currently 6 choices are available. "Walk This Way" is pictured above. Two different sizes are available in my etsy shop, and other sizes are available upon request.