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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Time For Lasting Memories

Today was a difficult day. It was the day to auction off the belongings of my Grandparents. My Grandma passed away in 2005, and Grandpa in October of 2009. I'm not exactly sure how old my Grandma was when she made her journey to heaven, but my Grandpa was 100 years old. He would have been 101 in January of this year.

I have many memories of Grandma and Grandpa. Upon each arrival to the farm, Grandpa would be coming in from the field, hard at always. When I was really young, we would travel around holiday time and they would take us in the farm truck and ride in the bed of the truck to get ice cream cones. I can remember running though the grounds of the farm and entering each building with awe at the expanse of each one in amazement. I found the cattle barn to be the most wonderful with the equipment to milk the cows. They seemed so bold, yet vulnerable, waiting for the expected comfort.

I found at an early age that a lot of hard work went into operating a farm and a lot of pride was gained from the venture. Grandpa knew what it took to grow beautiful, healthy crops, and he absolutely worked until the last day that he possibly could to accomplish this.

Today, I met a man whom spoke to my dad about Grandpa. He said that Grandpa, at one time, said to him (at age 80), "I wish I was only 65. Then I could do so much more." The funny part about this is, Grandpa did not wish to be 30. He just wished to be 65.

Grandpa did not know how to spell or write. He had a special way of signing his name. He trusted people by the look in his or her eye. He knew when someone was untrustworthy, and he protected all he had.

All in all , today was a difficult day for me because it is probably the last time I will kick my heels in the dusty gravel between the weather torn boards of the hollowed barns. Realizing this now is difficult, as I have grasped the openness of the truth. No longer will I run through the veined crops, see the stuffed owl in the room to dine, smell the aroma of a farmer's land, see Grandpa's laughter of our visiting squirming pet.

But to lay to rest the past is most important. Move forth with these thoughts in mind and treasure them forever. The memories will never diminish and will keep the spirit of those loved near.


  1. Like the blog. Very personal.

  2. What a wonderful collection of memories. Enjoy each one as often as possible.

  3. Thank you both. I really felt I had to write about the experience that evening after the auction.

  4. What a beautiful story. As hard as it is ( I understand completely) to let go of the material, you have them in your heart forever. Wishing you well, regards, T. :)

  5. Thanks Poppy. That is the most important thing, to keep the memories of them alive.