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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reusable Sandwich Bags Are Eco Friendly And So Much Fun!

Did You Know?:
According to earthdaynetwork,
  • The raw material of plastic bags is oil. Therefore, the more we use plastic bags, the more we waste oil - a non-renewable energy source.
  • The petroleum-based plastic bags take decades to break down, so if they are not recycled they litter. It creates visual pollution: in the streets, on the beaches etc. Also, they can clog roadside drains, which could cause street flooding during heavy rainfall.
  • Plastic bags can be recycled but it rarely happens: according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, only 1% of plastic bags were recycled in 2000, against twenty percent for paper bags.
  • They endanger wildlife and particularly sea life such as sea turtles and dolphins which can die of entanglement, suffocation, and ingestion because they assume that these bags are jellyfish.
Think about it. Do you REALLY want your food placed in a material made out of OIL?
Do you REALLY want to add more garbage to our landfills when you know something can be done about it?

Simple solutions are available. There are many people on etsy making and selling reusable sandwich/snack bags that can be washed and dried, then reused for a very long time. I also make and sell them, at $7.25 per bag, but if you purchase multiple bags, the price decreases per bag. I have separate listings for different quantities. It may sound like a lot of money, but you know the craftsmanship and quality is there, and of course....they are reusable! Really think about how much you spend each year on plastic baggies, and you will realize the convenience and cost-effectiveness of doing our earth a huge favor.

My bags are made of 100% unbleached natural cotton. No plastics here.


  1. I really like the bags good idea

  2. Oh my! I had no idea. I have been starting to jump on the eco train by bringing totes to the grocery store...but I never thought about this. Thanks.

  3. Yes, they are wonderful. They are so much fun to use and give a great feeling to know you are doing something good for the environment.