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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tree of Life Tattoo

After long consideration, I finally decided to get a tattoo on my forearm, of a Tree of Life. I have not been able to previously get a tattoo in a place like this because of my recent work as a bank teller. I always (or at least for the past few years) knew that I wanted a wrist band tattoo, but I'd have to wait until I left my job. Finally, the time has come to get a tattoo, but I couldn't seem to find a design that meant something to me in a personal way. I really wanted a tree-like design around my wrist, but could not imagine the design. So after several hours of looking at designs online, I finally found this wonderful design. And it suits me perfectly. No, it is not around my wrist, but an unusual place for a woman, nevertheless. Even the tattooist said he typically does not like forearm tattoos on women, but this design is quite feminine and looks good. Most importantly, my husband and I like it. :)

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